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Versions and Changes

This is a history of changes in the stable version of the Open Web Calendar. These correspond to the tags. The latest version might not be released, yet.



  • Make event title a link to the event if it has a URL set, see Issue 388
  • Improve Code Quality
  • Improve Thai translation by nissara pengpol, Ukrainian by mondstern and Italian by albanobattistella
  • Update dependencies


  • Add link to Privacy Policy.
  • Update dependencies
  • Improve Spanish by gallegonovato, German by Nicco Kunzmann, Sinhala by Dilitha Ransara, Norwegian Bokmål by Allan Nordhøy
  • Improve documentation, translate documentation to German and Spanish
  • Build documentation with Python 3.11
  • Update documentation languages automatically
  • Allow translating the documentation with Weblate


  • Ensures every HTML document has a lang attribute (html) Issue 347
  • Allow hosters to close the Host Header Injection vulnerability, see PR 366
  • Improve documentation and Docker build
  • Add Esperanto by phlostically
  • Improve Slovak, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian by phlostically
  • Update requirements


  • Update dependencies
  • Add alternate link to “text/calendar” content to ease subscribing for other calendars, see Issue 308
  • Use calendar feeds from alternate links to “text/calendar” content, see Issue 309
  • Use HTML description from various sources, see Issue 300
  • Allow JavaScript customization of the calendar, see Issue 71
  • Improve Portuguese by qeepoo
  • Increase Python version for Docker to 3.11


  • Update Italian translation by albanobattistella
  • Open links in event descriptions in new tab or as configured, see Issue 287
  • Add giscus to discuss the documentation


  • Move documentation to
  • Update dependencies
  • Generate GitHub Releases to notify watchers
  • Update Russian translation by Nicco Kunzmann, Turkish by Oğuz Ersen, Spanish by gallegonovato and German by Nicco Kunzmann


  • Improve Italian translation by albanobattistella and Russian translation by Ivan V
  • Update dependencies
  • Remove CSS attacks from event sources through HTML injection, see Issue 165
  • Add CSS classes for events, see Issue 305
  • Add a way to give calendars a different color, see Issue 141 and Issue 52
  • Document CSS classes, see Issue 202
  • Add checkboxes for the event status, see PR 306


  • Improve Indonesian translation by Reza Almanda, Croatian by Milo Ivir, German by Nicco Kunzmann, Spanish by gallegonovato, Turkish by Oğuz Ersen
  • Update dependencies and documentation
  • Work week now skips Saturday and Sunday in Day View, see Issue 258


  • Update dependencies
  • Allow editing calendar copies, see Issue 180
  • Improve Finnish translation by Tomi Pöyskö and Croatian by Milo Ivir
  • Improve visibility on small screens, see PR 284
  • Fix: show event title in mobile agenda view, see Issue 277
  • Fix Chrome driver timeout in CI tests, see PR 279


  • Browser tests run with Firefox and Chrome, see PR 272
  • Add responsive layout, see PR 273
    • Remove tooltip on touch devices as it overlaps with the quick info
    • Expose compact_layout_width parameter so you can change when to compact the layout, default is 600px width


  • Use HTML color chooser for custom CSS
  • Add a red bar at the current time in the week view and the day view, see PR 265.
  • Expose the hour_format parameter and add choices for the 12h format, see PR 266.
  • Update Turkish by oersen, Spanish by gallegonovato and German
  • Update dependencies
  • Update GitHub Actions with Dependabot


  • Update dependencies
  • Implement work week view, see Issue 258
  • Update translations


  • Test and support Python 3.12
  • Fix rendering error for unknown/malformed time zones (use DHTMLX’s timeshift)
  • Improve Indonesian translation by Reza Almanda


  • Add documentation and dependencies to use a Tor proxy to prevent SSRF attacks.
  • Remove temporary cache directory vulnerability GitHub CWE-377


  • Update dependencies


  • Update Chinese translation by dingc
  • Update French translation by Thomas Moerschell
  • Fix Content-Type header for .js files, see Issue 241
  • Add logo Issue 205


  • Turkish translation by Oğuz Ersen
  • Spanish translation by gallegonovato
  • Indonesian translation by Reza Almanda
  • Update dependencies
  • Correct links


  • Update dependencies


  • Update dependencies
  • Update Finnish by Teemu
  • Update Slovak by Milan Šalka
  • Update Polish by Piotr Strebski
  • Update Japanese by onokatio



  • Add a dropdown to choose another time zone to view the calendar in the about screen, see Issue #213.


  • Update dependencies


  • Improve Indonesian translation by Reza Almanda
  • Improve Spanish translation by zyloj
  • Improve Polish translation by Eryk Michalak
  • Update dependencies
  • Do not test Python 3.7 any more
  • Test Python 3.11


  • Improve French translation
  • Update dependencies


  • Add Croatian UI by Milo Ivir


  • Add German UI
  • Improve calendar in Polish
  • Add Welsh calendar


  • Add translations for nb_NO.
  • Translate the user interface.
  • Use weblate to translate files.





  • Add choice of Sunday or Monday for the start of the week Issue 39 - backed by [donation]!


  • add link to Contributing Section in about page
  • make event clickable even if there is a tool tip window
  • @MrKoga [donated][github-sponsors] to the project! Thanks!


  • add event categories when you click an event, see PR 159.


  • update translation mistake
  • fix encoding problem for languages other than en/de
  • add ability to remove all controls
  • test with GitHub actions
  • test user interface


  • Use Gunicorn in Docker image
  • change deployment to


  • Add Coatian Language by Tomislav Gomerčić