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You can help us by translating the project to your language. If your language is not listed, please request to add it!

Here, you can see the current translation status:

Translation status

Translator Guide

Translations are contributed by volunteers and logged. After 48 hours they are usually life at the hosted instance.

  1. The most important file is probably the calendar file.
  2. The About Page and Common Translations is also very important as users see it when they click the ? at the bottom right.
  3. If you would like to have the Configuration Page available for people in your language.
  4. You are very welcome to also translate the documentation:

    1. The Documentation - Getting Started motivates usage.
    2. The Documentation - Examples showcase how to use the calendar.

Generally, feel free to translate the title and translate the sense of the content more than the literal words. I am not a native speaker, so my English is a bit clunky and your translation could be better!


  • If you add a new language, you should also translate the calendar to it, especially the language and language-en strings so people can choose the language for the calendar from the drop down menu.
  • If you want your language to be featured at the top of the front page so people can click on it, you need at least 50% of the About Page and Configuration Page page.

Have fun translating and thank you so much! If you have any questions, get in contact with me, @niccokunzmann.

Feel free to add a section for your language below:

German (de)

We use “Du” and “Dein”, not “Sie” or “Ihr”.