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Setup & Tests

This section guides you through everything you need to know to develop the software: build it and make changes.

Clone the Repository

git clone
cd open-web-calendar

Code Quality

We use ruff to improve the code quality. Please install pre-commit before committing. It will ensure that the code is formatted and linted as expected using ruff.

pre-commit install

Running the App

  1. Optional: Install virtualenv and Python3 and create a virtual environment.

    virtualenv -p python3 ENV
    source ENV/bin/activate
  2. Install the packages.

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Start the app.


You can configure the app through environment variables.

Running Tests

To run the tests, we use tox. tox tests all different Python versions which we want to be compatible to.

pip install tox

Run all tests:


Run a specific Python version:

tox -e py39

Browser Testing

We use selenium to test the app in different browsers. By default, Firefox is used. You can test the features like this:

tox -e web

If you like to change the browser, use

tox -e web -- -D browser=firefox
tox -e web -- -D browser=chrome

You can also change the layout of the window to test the responsive design:

tox -e web -- -D window=375x812 # iPhone11 size


You can build the documentation with tox, too. It is located in the docs directory.

tox -e docs -- build # ./site
tox -e docs -- serve

We are using mkdocs with the material theme.