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Notes for Maintainers

This section clarifies how to maintain the project.

Update Dependencies

  1. Enter your virtual environment. E.g.

    source .tox/py311/bin/activate
  2. Install all dependencies:

    pip install --upgrade -r -r -r pip-tools
  3. Fix the dependencies:

    rm *requirements.txt
    pip-compile --output-file=requirements.txt
    pip-compile --output-file=test-requirements.txt
    pip-compile --output-file=docs-requirements.txt
  4. Create a branch, commit:

    git branch -d update
    git checkout -b update
    git add *requirements.txt
    git commit -m"Update dependencies"
    git push -u origin update
  5. Create a Pull Request and see if the tests run.

Release a new Version

To release a new version:

  1. Edit the docs/ file in the Changelog Section and add the changes.

    git add docs/
    git commit -m"log changes"
  2. Create a tag for the version.

    git tag v1.30
    git push origin v1.30

Translate Documentation Files

We might add more Markdown documentation files to the Weblate translation. The aim of this section is to have a consistent outcome.

  1. Create a component From existing component, the index.html.

    • Use the page title as title like Documentation - 00 - Getting Started
    • Use file name as slug like documentation-index
  2. Choose the right File settings:

    • File format: gettext PO file - bilingual
    • Repository browser:{{ branch }}/docs/<file>?plain=1#L{{ line }} - replace <file>
    • File mask: translations/*/LC_MESSAGES/<file>.md.po - replace <file>
    • Monolingual base language file: empty
    • Edit base file: not checked
    • Intermediate language file: empty
    • Adding new translation: Create new language file
    • Template for new translations: translations/en/LC_MESSAGES/<file>.md.po - replace <file>
    • Translation license: Create Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International
    • Language code style: Default based on the file format
    • Language filter:


      excludes en

    • Source language: English

    • Manage strings: not checked
  3. Save

  4. In the Settings 🠚 Translation:

    • Uncheck Suggestion voting
    • Set Automatically accept suggestions to 0
    • Check Allow translation propagation
    • Uncheck Manage strings
    • Add Translation flags:

    • choose Enforced checks:

      • Markdown links
      • Markdown references
      • Markdown syntax
      • Unsafe HTML
      • XML markup
      • XML syntax
    • Save

  5. Upload a screenshot of the page

    • Restrict width and height to 2000px:

      convert 'Screenshot.png' -resize x2000 'Getting-started.png'
    • Click on the empty Search button

    • Add all strings to it
  6. Go to the Manage 🠚 Add-ons and add:

    • Add missing languages (enabled in project, will activate after 24h)
    • Cleanup translation files (enabled in project)
    • Contributors in comment (enabled in project)

    These component Add-Ons are installed project-wide.

  7. Clear any component alerts.

  8. Skip through all the strings. If some strings are not for translation, add the flag read-only.